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Stick to your resolutions

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20th January 2016


We’re now well into January.   Have you broken your new year resolutions yet?

Instead of adding to the ever-growing pile of ‘how to’ guides for being the better, brighter, shinier you in 2016, we’ve decided to paint a different picture. Year after year, we see our colleagues, friends and family pressured into making the same resolutions that are ambitious and inspired but generally unobtainable and we didn’t want to be contributing to those already unnecessary stresses.

You know, that questioning, self-doubt filled feeling that we’ve all experienced; why doesn’t my life make the grade? How will I ever reach these goals and why are there so many big changes needed for everything to be perfect? The grass is always greener, that’s for sure, but in a world where we now spend so much time bench-marked against each other, there are much bigger and heavier expectations placed on all of us just through being more exposed. Essentially, shooting for the moon can be so psychologically daunting, you end up failing to launch in the first place or drop off within the first few weeks. In fact, almost 40% of us make resolutions whilst only 8% complete them!

Don’t get me wrong, setting goals and targets each year are great for drive and sense of personal development but you just have to make sure that they are attainable and that they will make you better for it. For example, many of us would love to lose 5lbs but if that means not sitting down and watching your favourite TV show or having that glass on wine at the end of a long day, enabling you to unwind, recollect and repair before tomorrow, then is that 5lbs going to be beneficial or detrimental to a better new year for you?

Maybe that example is a tad extreme and we will always promote the healthy alternatives for stress relief and well-being but you get the point hopefully. It’s about being honest and true to what is actually best for you, and not what you’re bombarded with through social media or the TV, that should help you define your goals.

Within the team this year we have two marathons being run and pledges for better work-life balance, reading more and joining a writing circle amongst our goals. Bar the marathons, these are simple, easy to achieve and are vastly rewarding. The catch, most of these are not resolutions but were goals set during last year and are just being continued into 2016. Again, do not add pressure where pressure isn’t due. You’ve just had a longer break than usual and are in ‘back to work’ mode. Unless you’re certain, why not get used to your routine again, assess what really would be the most positive impact on it and then set achievable and tangible targets for various points throughout the year, not just one big daunting one to be complete by December 2016.

Our recommendation for better goal setting then:

  • Be specific- make sure you fully understand what you’re asking of yourself.
  • Make sure your goals are actually benefitting you, holistically.
  • Be rational and fully thought out before setting your goals.
  • Be sure to set smaller benchmarks within your big goal to make it attainable.
  • Make sure they are tangible and accommodate your routine.

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