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4th Birthday celebrations

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22nd April 2015

23rd April 2015


Audeliss celebrated it’s 4th birthday party recently and it was great to see so many candidates and clients, past and present, there supporting us.

We can’t believe it’s been four years. Suki Sandhu, our Founder and CEO said, “People said I was crazy to start a business during the recession but I felt compelled to do it as I wanted to do things differently and I haven’t looked back since.”

Our Guest of Honour for the evening was Ben Cohen, England rugby star and founder of StandUp Foundation, who we donate a portion of our profits to each year.

During his welcome speech, Suki read an email he received from one of the invitees to our event:


“Hi Suki,

Omg time flies and you have, as expected, been a raging success. You are a miracle worker and long may Audeliss last.

I am afraid I have personal bad news. I am terminally ill with cancer so will have quite a limited life, but it was rich in fun and success and I leave behind two wonderful children as well as a new husband so all was worth it.

Have a great event and stay happy, it was a joy to know you.



This touching email iterates the fact that life is too short and that loving what you do is so important in achieving this.

At Audeliss, we are inspired every day by the candidates we meet and do everything we can to help them achieve their dream roles that fulfil their professional appetite but also fill them with a sense of joy and accomplishment.  Finding great people their perfect jobs is the gift that keeps on giving and this couldn’t make us happier.

So what have we learned this past four years? Live each day to the fullest and you’re only as good as the people around you and what a great bunch of people we had around us that night for a great celebration.

Here’s to another four successful years.

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