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OUTstanding Top 100

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1st August 2014

In the Autumn, The Financial Times are publishing the OUTstanding top 100 LGBT business role models and top 20 Allies list. We want to hear from you about the senior leaders who make a difference. Are you, or would you like to nominate:

An LGBT business role model

This is a successful senior business person who is LGB or T. They will be open about their sexuality or gender identity in both their private and public lives. They actively contribute to an environment where all of their colleagues feel safe and able to bring their whole authentic selves to work.

An Ally

This is a senior executive who, although not LGB or T themselves, champions LGBT equality in the workplace. They make certain that work is a safe and welcoming environment. They enable all of their colleagues to bring their whole, authentic selves to work.

Both LGBT and Ally nominees must be senior executives positioned within approx. the top 3% of their organisation (depending on size of business) and able to demonstrate a positive impact on LGBT inclusion in the workplace. You can nominate here. Let’s make this year’s list even bigger and better.

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