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I survived Glastonbury Festival 2011!

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1st July 2011


This may not seem like an achievement to many of you but for me it really was. I’m not really a camper, I’m not a huge fan of indie music and I’m definitely more of a city boy. So ‘why did I go?’ I hear you ask. Well because there was a really good group of friends going and I wanted to do something I usually would never do. I arrived when it was incredibly muddy and having to drag my shopping trolley of alcohol through this mud was a challenge in itself. I very nearly turned back to go home (plus I endured a 5 hour coach journey to get there – yes a coach!). My lovely friends had built my tent for me already. I couldn’t believe it was made for 4 people. You could hardly fit in my air mattress.

I saw the likes of Ke$ha, Jessie J, Two Door Cinema Club, The Wombats, Coldplay, Pendulum, Plan B and finally Beyonce who rocked the main stage on the last night. I genuinely had an amazing time and the value for money in terms of the number of artists I got to see for my money was pretty damn good. I’m definitely going back in 2013 but doing the luxury camping i.e. glamping! I’d happily not look at another tent for the rest of my life.


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