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1st August 2012

I’ve been feeling such an immense sense of pride since watching the Opening Ceremony last Friday. We put on such a fantastic show and it made me feel extremely proud to be British. The scene with the Olympic torch being passed over to the younger generation and then them lighting the cauldron was just inspiring and brought a tear to my eye.

Watching the teams enter the arena was also brilliant although I couldn’t help judging the fashion choices. I thought the Swedes looked the best with their stripey scarfs. The chap from Fiji was probably a little too oiled up for my liking but each to their own!  As for me, I had my own Nike trainers designed in the colours of the British flag which I cannot stop wearing (see the photos below).

On Sunday, Ellie and I went to see Team GB take on the Russians at Basketball. The atmosphere in the stadium was electric. It’s a shame that we didn’t win but who knew basketball could be so thrilling?!? I love it when they play music in between play and create a party atmosphere that’s more like a concert.  It was so disappointing to see Tom Daley NOT win a medal in the 10m synchronised diving final.  The crowd was behind him and his teammate but it wasn’t meant to be.

Perhaps 2016 in Rio although I doubt I’ll be there to see it!

I was most impressed by the Olympic Park itself. It looks so pretty (even Anish Kapoor’s Orbit sculpture) and the staff are super friendly giving a hearty welcome and genuine goodbyes. They’ve clearly been trained well and should be given credit for making our international guests feel welcome. I’ve also been surprised at how easy it’s been getting around London but I won’t say much else about this in case I jinx it.

London deserves a diamond medal for the way we’ve hosted the Olympics so far so let’s hope it continues for the rest of the games.  I’ve been lucky enough to get tickets for the closing ceremony and the 4x400m final and I cannot wait.  Let’s hope Team GB wins a gold medal soon. I have my fingers and my toes crossed!!


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