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Eggs Benetine…

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2nd June 2013

This might seem like an unusual blog post but I have to share with you all what my favourite breakfast is; Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine combined with the hollandaise sauce on the side. Not only is it delicious but it has excellent nutritional value; the lean ham, steamed spinach, eggs and not too many carbohydrates. Plus, the sauce is on the side meaning you eat less of it rather than it being smothered (and in my opinion ruined and overwhelmed) by the taste of hollandaise. But the spinach has to be above the ham otherwise the muffin gets soggy (yes i am that fussy and precise when ordering it!). There is no name for this breakfast so answers on a postcard please. How about Eggs Benetine as an initial suggestion? On second thoughts no that makes it sound like a cough medicine!

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