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Meeting Lady Gaga…

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21st October 2014

Yes you read that correctly. I. Met. Lady Gaga. I’m still in disbelief about it but the photos above prove it did actually happen. They weren’t taken in Madame Tussaud’s but after her ArtRAVE concert in Dublin last week. The show was incredible. The thing I like about Lady Gaga is that she is a true musician. She sings live, dances brilliantly and plays a multitude of instruments. She also has this fantastic ability to connect with her audience or as she puts it, her little monsters. About twenty of us were taken backstage and had to wait about an hour before we had our meet and greet with her. She sat with us for about thirty minutes whilst we were given opportunities to ask questions ranging from how much did her parents contribute to her success to where does she get her confidence from. She was friendly, humble, inspiring and honest. I adore her even more than I did before. She has done so much to support the LGBT community and I got the chance to thank her in person. Her words that resonated with me was always be authentic and true to yourself. Something I totally live and breathe myself. We need more role models like her in the world.

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