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Audeliss Team Expands

Audeliss Diverse Executive Search Team ExpandsAudeliss are delighted to announce the latest addition to our team.

Our new Senior Researcher Lesley Payne has a strong background in recruitment, with over 15 years’ experience across risk, threat, company secretaries and governance research.

Lesley’s expertise also covers public sector search and she has worked with leading global companies including Novartis, Pfizer, esure and Interserve and local authorities including the City of London.

Lesley comments, ‘I am excited to begin my new role. Audeliss are unique in the search and interim markets; the opportunity to help drive diversity and inclusion at the top of the business world felt like an ideal fit for me. I am thrilled to be part of such a progressive and pivotal initiative and look forward to making a real difference to both clients and candidates.’

Chris Bernard, Managing Director at Audeliss comments, ‘We are incredibly pleased to welcome Lesley to Audeliss. Lesley has a wealth of experience and will be a fantastic addition to the team.’

Mental Health – The Last Diversity Taboo?

mental health diversityRecently participating in an event supporting a pioneering mental health campaign, Audeliss were impressed with the Lord Mayor’s 2016 Power of Diversity programme and in particular, the openness and inclusivity with which leading senior professionals were willing to discuss the topic of mental health.

Whilst awareness and acceptance surrounding mental health have increased rapidly over the past few years, businesses are often reluctant to engage their employees in related discussions, further contributing to the existing social stigma and devastating effects of mental illness. The Power of Diversity programme reveals the shocking and saddening results of its recent survey on the business and personal impact of mental illness:

  • 50% of those surveyed described depression as ‘a sign of weakness’
  • 1/3 surveyed would not employ someone with depression
  • 25% of people in the UK experience a mental health problem in any given year
  • Half of absences in non-manual work are related to stress
  • The economy loses £26billion a year to mental illness

When it comes to this often-overlooked diversity strand, London and the South East of the UK are amongst the most progressive British regions, but mental health remains a taboo topic across many industries, regions and countries.

There is a wealth of information evidencing the damage done to diverse employees who are uncomfortable being themselves at work – LGBT+ employees who can be out at work are 32% more productive than employees who hide their sexuality – allowing us to only imagine the benefits to be gained by supporting employees who suffer with mental health problems.

With increased awareness of the importance of mental health support, how can businesses become more accepting and inclusive of their diverse employees?

Suki Sandhu is the Founder and CEO of Audeliss.

We Want You!

Team Recruitment I am delighted to say we’re growing in Audeliss and we need you to help us in finding the best diverse talent.  Are you a:

  • Dynamic recruiter motivated by making a difference?
  • Entrepreneurial high achiever who relishes a challenge?
  • Champion of diversity who embraces the inclusion of ethnic minorities, LGBT+, gender, and all individual differences?

If so, we want to hear from you!

At Audeliss we pride ourselves on delivering excellent services to each and every client and candidate and we constantly strive to improve even further, meaning we are always open to new talent.

My team and I are interested in speaking with talented senior researchers and strong recruitment consultants with a background in any industry, whether executive search or interim management.  You may also be working in an RPO or in-house at the moment and a HR professional who wants to make a move into a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

Audeliss are looking for the right skills, experience and attitude of an individual who shares our passion for making a difference – not only in terms of quality of service, but the core values of diversity and inclusion to which we are committed.

With 65% of our appointments being senior diverse candidates, Audeliss is incredibly committed to driving diversity at the very top of businesses.

I also launched OUTstanding (www.OUT-standing.org) and UPstanding (http://audeliss.com/about-upstanding/) which drive inclusion for LGBT+ and ethnic minority communities.  With a combined reach of multimillions all over the globe, our initiatives constantly strive to make the business world more diverse and inclusive for all, regardless of background.

Get in touch with us to find out more – contact Chris Bernard, Managing Director on chris@audeliss.com or send me a message directly.   You can meet our current team here who I am proud to say are very diverse themselves.

Please share this post to spread the word and if you know someone who may fit the bill, please ask them to make contact with us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Suki Sandhu is the Founder and CEO of Audeliss.

Audeliss Announces REC membership

Audeliss Recruitment REC memberAudeliss are delighted to announce that we are now a member of REC.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) is the professional body for UK recruitment businesses. Passionate about recruitment and services of an excellent standard, REC membership serves as a mark of quality to represent the exceptional executive search and interim management providers that truly value the interests of clients and candidates alike.

Our REC membership reinforces the commitment to candidate care that forms Audeliss’ core. We value each and every candidate, regardless of background, and recognise that every individual has a unique set of needs and therefore requires a bespoke service – we strive to deliver excellence for every candidate and client, to match the right candidate with the right role, every time.

Chris Bernard, Managing Director of Audeliss, comments, ‘We are proud to announce our membership of REC. As a prestigious and respected recruitment membership body, REC’s values are closely aligned with those of Audeliss. We look forward to a successful partnership as we continue in our mission to help diverse senior candidates and drive diversity and inclusion in business.’

3 Easy Ways to Improve Gender Equality in your Boardroom

Equality in the BoardroomFollowing the latest FTSE350 gender diversity recommendations from Women on Boards, Audeliss agree that ‘A Gentle Touch is Too Feeble to transform the Boardroom’: and it’s not women who need to change.

With C-Suite gender equality over 100 years away, we must take drastic action to level the playing field – and fast. Business is full to the brim with excellent female candidates, and although gender still presents a barrier to professional success, companies have the power to attract, retain and develop senior female executives and champion gender diversity across their organisation.

Here are Audeliss’ top tips for improving gender equality in your Boardroom:

  1. Lead from the top – getting commitment to gender equality from your CEO and senior stakeholders will help drive change, and awareness and support will ricochet down throughout the organisation
  2. Tailor your recruitment practices – anonymise CVs and therefore prevent discrimination and unconscious bias towards female candidates, and ensure your business has a robust hiring process that is welcoming to, and inclusive of, people from all backgrounds
  3. Collaboration – work with external partners who specialise in improving diversity at the senior level, who can provide an objective viewpoint and help deliver a strategy for positive change that is bespoke to your organisation.


Chris Bernard is the Managing Director of Audeliss. Contact her at chris@audeliss.com


Audeliss Announces Latest Addition to our Team

Audeliss Executive Search TeamAudeliss are delighted to announce the appointment of Alasdair Brown as Resourcing Business Partner.

Serial entrepreneur Alasdair previously spearheaded Champions Life Academy, a national social enterprise combining charity fundraising with graduate leadership training. In the last eight years the initiative helped 880 people from a variety of backgrounds into employment, and raised a total of £12million of forecast income for their charity clients.

Alasdair also launched Blue Stern Recruitment in 2011, and will be applying over a decade of business expertise to build on Audeliss’ broad networks and generate new opportunities for success.

Alasdair says of his new role, ‘I am thrilled to be joining Audeliss. Having seen the organisation’s achievements over the past five years, it’s clearly a huge driver for diversity and inclusion and mirrors my own aspirations not just to talk about change, but to proactively champion and support the success of diverse talent. I am looking forward to working with the brilliant team at Audeliss and to making a real difference.’

Suki Sandhu, CEO and Founder of Audeliss, comments, ‘We are delighted to welcome Alasdair into our team. Alasdair’s wealth of experience will prove invaluable in helping our clients and candidates and continuing in our journey to make the business world a more diverse and inclusive place.’


Congratulations to Audeliss Researcher Alex Wyld

Audeliss executive search and interim management teamWe are delighted to congratulate our Researcher Alex Wyld on her one-year anniversary with Audeliss.

In her year with us, Alex has worked on a variety of interim management assignments and executive searches. Her skills have proven invaluable in sourcing senior female, BAME, LGBT+ and other diverse candidates for global businesses and public sector organisations, with successful appointments including:

  • Financial Services – Finance Director
  • Public Sector – HR Director
  • Public Sector – Chief People Officer
  • Business Services – Head of Resourcing
  • Property – Interim Global Head of Learning & Development
  • Public Sector – HR Consultant

Alex says, ‘I am thrilled to look back on my career at Audeliss so far: I feel privileged to have worked with leading organisations and to be able to make a difference to the lives of some truly exceptional diverse candidates. I’m lucky to work with a group of people who are not only genuine, intelligent and creative, but fantastic at what they do. I look forward to the year to come and the opportunity to work with an even wider range of clients and candidates.’

Audeliss CEO and Founder Suki Sandhu comments, ‘We are pleased to congratulate Alex and immensely proud to have her on our team. Her dedication to candidates and diligence in fulfilling client needs helps ensure that we provide services of only the highest standard. We are eagerly anticipating further success from our team and look forward to another fruitful and enjoyable year for Audeliss.’

New Job: Interim Head of Marketing

digital-marketing-1563467Our client is a truly ground-breaking investment management firm who have enjoyed phenomenal growth due to their success and are innovative and disruptive in the market.

We are looking for an exceptional Interim Head of Marketing who can hit the ground running and inspire the talented marketing team, whilst having the creativity to tell the very different story of this business.

The Interim Head of Marketing will:

  • Have a strong background in marketing within an investment management or asset management environment;
  • Be obsessed with the customer and driven by excellence;
  • Possess a history of delivering results, with a demonstrable track-record of working within a fast-paced, demanding environment;
  • Relish the opportunity to be part of this true game-changer with a deep understanding of the customer, in terms of motivations, from a regulatory point of view and how to position the brand;
  • Be pragmatic and diplomatic, with high EQ of equal importance to Financial Services literacy;
  • Have excellent team management skills, with the ability to motivate and inspire.

The Interim Head of Marketing role is ideal for someone to make their mark and be involved with a genuinely different proposition in the market.

To apply for this exciting role please contact Senior Researcher Sarah Haynes at sarah@audeliss.com. 

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Business BAME Role Models: Latest Research White Paper from Audeliss

lack of ethnic minority BAME business role modelsAudeliss is proud to launch our latest research white paper on the shocking lack of role models for BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) people in the business world, and explore the way forward to achieving greater racial diversity.

Earlier this year our UPstanding initiative reported that only 4% of FTSE 100 CEOs are not white, despite the BAME community making up 14% of the UK population.

Our research revealed that:

  • 66% of BAME people have no business role models at all;
  • 30% of ethnic minority role models work in the entertainment industry, and;
  • A miniscule 12% of BAME people can name a single female BAME role model.

Read the white paper here

Visible role models are vital, both to increasing the awareness of opportunities for BAME individuals and in empowering organisations to value diversity and foster inclusive workplaces.

In the coming weeks, we will be following up the ‘what’ with the ‘how’: a thought leadership piece exploring how senior executives can attract and retain excellent diverse talent, ultimately achieving increased business success, through championing diverse role models.

You can download the free white paper here and read more about the impact of diversity and inclusion here.


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2016 Emmy Awards are Most Diverse Yet – But at What Cost?

Emmys Diversity InclusionMonday night’s Emmy Awards celebrated some fantastic wins for diverse talent in the entertainment industry, with female, BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic), LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Emmy nominees and winners including:

However, whilst the above achievements suggest that actors of ethnic minority background are achieving greater visibility and recognition for their work, and the media and public alike are celebrating with the hashtag #EmmysSoDiverse, the Emmys have also presented some worrying signs that suggest progress in achieving racial equality has stalled – and in many ways is rapidly worsening.

One immediately noticeable trend involving the BAME winners and nominees is that the majority of the actors were nominated and/or won for their role in The People vs OJ Simpson: a television show focused on the criminal trial of a black man suspected of brutally murdering a white woman. This is problematic in itself but also points to wider issues in the entertainment industry.

The People vs OJ Simpson has received a wealth of critical praise and in terms of racial diversity is leaps and bounds ahead of the American television industry on average, with a fantastic opportunity to showcase non-white talent that resulted in a brilliant diverse cast. However, the show is based on real-life events and all characters are based on real people, of whom a large proportion are black or have an ethnic minority background: from the very beginning the show necessitated, and executives specifically sought and cast, non-white actors.

The disappointing element of the increase in racial diversity is that, although inclusion of BAME actors is always a welcome step towards greater diversity, it was not achieved in this instance because of a proactive attempt by businesses to tell original stories of three-dimensional BAME characters or to open up opportunities for diverse actors. OJ Simpson has more black cast members than other shows only because the story could not have been told without black actors. This then begs the pivotal question:  Is diversity still progressive – and beneficial – when lacking in diverse intentions?

The seeming progression of increased BAME representation also stands in stark contrast to the struggles for racial equality throughout the rest of America. The real-life OJ Simpson trial in the early 1990s shone a spotlight on institutionalised racism, and provided a powerful platform for previously unheard voices to raise awareness of criminal justice bias and police violence against the black community. But more than two decades on, what has really changed?

Though people with ethnic minority backgrounds have won increased legal rights and protections, BAME people across the US, UK and the world still face discrimination every day. Activist groups such as Black Lives Matter argue that police violence against the black community has actually worsened – in America, unarmed black people are five times more likely than unarmed white people to be shot and killed by police.

Whilst entertainment businesses are taking positive steps towards diversity and inclusion, there is a still a long road ahead for greater racial diversity across industries: in the UK,  just 4% of CEOs of FTSE 100 companies are BAME. The opportunities available to actors of ethnic minority and the worrying representation of BAME people in the media reinforce the need for visible role models and increased awareness of the importance of diversity. By championing diverse role models from all backgrounds and career paths and by celebrating our differences, we are on the way to making our world a better and more inclusive place for everyone.

New Job: Supply Chain Development Director – Infrastructure

New Job Supply Chain Director InfrastructureLocation: West Midlands

This is an exciting new opportunity for an experienced Supply Chain Development Director to  play a key role in our client’s commercial & procurement executive team, preparing for a high profile multi-billion pound investment programme.

Ensuring the supply chain is engaged and ready for the business’ future plans, planning and analysis of requirements, stakeholder engagement, relationship building and communication are all important parts of the role. Additionally you will be accountable for ensuring that the supply chain strategy is further developed through the use of value chain plans for all key areas. Using these plans you will work through and across the business to ensure support, alignment and delivery of performance, capability and capacity.

The Development Director will:

  • Lead the roll out of the strategy, ensure full business support and report progress to the Executive and the Board
  • Contribute as a member of the commercial and procurement executive team and the broader senior leadership team to deliver a changed supply chain capable of delivering the aspirational business goals across safety, customer service and delivery of the investment programme
  • Develop and lead relationship building at all levels and in relevant industry bodies
  • Lead relevant aspects of the business commitment to equality and diversity and skills development
  • Contribute to and fully support the development of procurement plans and specific commercial strategies to support the delivery of the business objectives
  • Deliver the efficiencies targets relating to  development and category management across the business.
  • Lead the Strategic Supplier team and create a go to resource that is called on by the business as an essential part of delivering its plans for the future
  • Contribute to the maintenance and development of appropriate risk review and management across Commercial and Procurement and the business
  • Embed a business partner culture in the team integrating support into the businesses operational teams with aligned objectives and collaborative and supportive culture.

Person Specification:

  • Experienced professional with a demonstrable track record of delivering supply chain change to support business imperatives
  • Experience of working in complex or infrastructure supply chains across all phases of asset life cycle
  • Proven success in building and leading cross-business and multi-functional teams delivering real business change
  • Highly developed and experienced communication, facilitation, networking and influencing skills combined with an ability to make decision and motivate teams
  • Experience of working within a safety critical environment
  • Technically competent and credible – experienced and/or technically qualified in a relevant discipline.

Key Competencies:

  • Translate strategic priorities into clear outcome-focused objectives for managers and provide the energy and drive in achievement of these objectives
  • Build high performing teams within own area, aligned around common goals
  • Articulate options and large-scale reputational risks and impacts, including economic, environmental, political and social, and recommend plans to manage and mitigate.
  • Manage strategic commercial relationships and delivery arrangements actively and effectively to provide ongoing value for money
  • Lead from the front, communicating and motivating people towards stretching goals. Actively promote the business’ reputation externally and internally – publicise successes widely. Inspire staff and delivery partners to engage fully with the organisation’s long term vision and purpose, supporting them to make sense of change

To apply for the role please send your CV to Louise at louise@audeliss.com. 

New Job: Interim Head of Marketing

Technology Interim Head of MarketingThis is an opportunity for an experienced Interim Head of Marketing to join an innovative company who manage a global network of collaborative industry communities, allowing trading partners to share quality, structured data. Using cloud-based technology, they act as a trusted independent partner to enable buyers to manage risk in their supply chain, and suppliers to increase market reach in their target sector. For the right candidate, permanent employment is available.

Location: Madrid, Spain

The Interim Head of Marketing will:

  • Manage of a team of 4 direct reports based in 3 countries across multiple time zones
  • Own a non-people budget of circa £160k per annum
  • Drive activity across 10 countries, 24 communities and supporting 6 different languages
  • Deliver circa 15 exhibitions per annum
  • Execute 450+ campaigns per annum
  • Manage 200 plus translations per annum
  • Deliver 3300+ leads and £1m+ income per annum

Previous Knowledge and Experience

  • Minimum of 8+ years’ experience in a marketing management, external communications, campaign management or similar
  • Experience owning and delivering income and revenue targets in multiple countries and across different regions
  • In depth knowledge and experience operating in business to business markets
  • Experience of operating in the relevant markets, languages, sectors, geographies and cultures
  • Experience of operating in a multi-channel customer facing environment is essential
  • Project management experience, including the ability to effectively deploy resources and manage multiple projects of diverse scopes in a cross-functional environment
  • Management, development and leadership of teams
  • Planning, financial and budget management.

Essential Skills of the Interim Head of Marketing:

  • Relevant Language skills (critical Spanish, French, English) – both written and spoken
  • Technical marketing skills incl. HTML, Social media, Google analytics
  • Strong communication & presentation skills
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Analytical, research orientated. solving, research orientated
  • Strategic thinking & planning
  • Commercial acumen and judgement – justifying investment
  • Customer engagement/focus
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • Influencing and stakeholder management
  • Project management – delivery focussed, results orientated
  • Presentation preparation and delivery
  • Comfortable with change, and particularly leading it

Personal Specification

  • Hands on approach to marketing and running campaigns
  • Happy in the detail and operational aspects of executing marketing as with team leadership
  • Comfortable with being highly visibility across the entire organisation
  • Highly accessible and approachable to the Regional Directors, sales, operational and IT development teams in order to answer questions and resolve issues quickly
  • Able to influence senior-level management and key stakeholders internal and externally
  • Able to deal with high levels of potential ambiguity and change
  • Resilient, has a flexible approach and is a self-starter – able to devise, run and implement activity with little support of guidance where necessary
  • Highly collaborative and works well in a fast paced environment, yet challenges thoughtfully
  • Gravitas – personal authority, ambassadorial stature and presence to quickly establish personal credibility with senior management
  • Execution focused and have a proven record of success in complex environments
  • Motivational and inspiring communications style, with sincerity, humility and integrity
  • Results-driven, high-performing, high-quality work attitude can do attitude, backed up by the activities to makes things happen in a reliable manner
  • Able to demonstrate the maturity to work independently on a day-to-day basis and have the wisdom to know when to collaborate, delegate and/or escalate
  • Responsible and dependable – does what he/she says he/she will do.

To be considered please email Louise Gore at louise@audeliss.com with your CV and a covering letter explaining why you are an ideal candidate for the Interim Head of Marketing role.

We are hiring!

recruitment consultant HR researcher jobAre you a:

  • Dynamic self-starter motivated by making a difference?
  • Entrepreneurial high achiever who relishes a challenge?
  • Champion of diversity who embraces the inclusion of BAME, LGBT+, gender, disability and all individual differences?

We want to hear from you!

At Audeliss we pride ourselves on delivering excellent services to each and every client and candidate and we constantly strive to improve even further, meaning we are always open to new talent.

Whether you have a background in executive search or interim recruitment, possess dedicated HR expertise or specialise in research across Financial Services, Retail, Public Sector or any number of industries, Audeliss offers the opportunity for phenomenal career success and the power to make a real difference to the lives of diverse candidates.

Get in touch with us to find out more – contact Chris Bernard, Managing Director on 07958 673455 or chris@audeliss.com. You can find out more about our current team here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Audeliss Voted Top Interim Provider

winner-1445797We are delighted to announce that Audeliss has been named one of the top 80 Interim Service Providers of 2016.

The Institute of Interim Management (IIM) Annual Providers Survey ranks the top 80 interim recruiters across the UK, voted for by interim managers themselves. Audeliss was a new entry in 2015 at no.74 and we are thrilled to return to the list for a second consecutive year in an even higher position as 71st and as a Bronze Provider.

As a boutique interim and search provider and small business the market recognition means a lot to us, and as a diversity-focused business this achievement evidences both the growing awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion and the outstanding success of diverse interims across industries and functions.

Chris Bernard, Managing Director at Audeliss, comments, ‘We are delighted to be included on the list once again and want to thank everyone who kindly voted for us. At Audeliss candidate care is our top priority, so it means even more to us to be recognised by our candidates. We are committed to further improving the recruitment experience for both candidates and clients, and next year aim to become Silver Service Providers.’

enei Awards 2016 reveal Shocking Diversity Statistics and Inspiring Progress

enei_logo-e1453056380793We at Audeliss were delighted to attend the Employers Networks for Equality & Inclusion (enei) Awards last week. Hosted by The Law Society, the awards aim to celebrate the achievements of organisations that proactively challenge discrimination and demonstrate inclusivity across their workforce.

The enei event revealed interesting new insights into diversity and inclusion, and presented a wealth of shocking findings, which included:

  • The talent is out there, but it’s not being discovered. Career opportunities are not being promoted to some communities, resulting in a low level of awareness across minority groups: diverse communities are either not realising the potential in themselves or do not have the visibility of potential opportunities open to them, but both of these factors should act as catalysts for change;
  • Despite the UK Government Minister for Women and Equalities releasing statistics earlier this month showing an increase in gender diversity in the Boardroom, progress for getting more women onto UK Boards has actually stalled. David Isaac, Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, who spoke at the enei Awards, announced that the organisation aim to set a new target for FTSE350 companies to achieve an employee base comprised of at least 50% women;
  • Maternity discrimination is still rife across the board, with 1 in 9 pregnant women forced out of their job due to pregnancy.

The enei winners and shortlisted organisations have delivered incredibly inspiring achievements, some of which included: proactively recruiting multiple ex-offenders, instilling flexible and agile working across global organisations, work placements for individuals with mental health challenges, outreach programmes for disadvantaged young people, setting and exceeding gender diversity and BAME targets, and topping the Stonewall Equality list for LGBT+ inclusive initiatives.

The wide range of winners stretched across the public, private and third sectors and across a variety of industries, and included EY, Bank of England, Sodexo, Pinsent Masons, the Civil Service, Surrey County Council and Royal Mail. Congratulations to all those awarded the coveted highly commended and winning positions.

You can find out more about enei and the awards here.

Breakthrough with PwC

On 5th July, I was asked to be a guest speaker at the PwC Breakthrough Programme Relationships and Networks session. Breakthrough aims to increase the diversity of PwC’s leadership and uncover biases whilst working to create new attitudes and behaviours.

I worked alongside senior PwC leaders and their clients in sharing my experiences of creating and building networks. We also discussed the importance of being authentic in the workplace and overcoming barriers to effective networking particularly in terms of gender and culture.


Other guest speakers included Jonathan Howe from PwC and Nicky Moffat CBE. Helen Beedham from Cityparents was also a guest speaker and thoroughly enjoyed the experience:

The discussion was lively, wide-ranging and constructive and the participants’ clients added another valuable perspective to the mix.  PwC is one of 79 City firms who have corporate membership of Cityparents, so I was delighted to collaborate again with them and support their efforts to promote female progression within the company.

The session was organised by PwC’s Inclusive Leadership and Breakthrough Leader, Nicola Caldwell: “I’m really proud of our Breakthrough community who are making a tangible difference to the everyday experiences of their colleagues and clients. Our aim is to truly be able to value difference to enable all our people to flourish.”

We are looking forward to future Breakthrough events!

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