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Since we were founded in 2011, we have made a large impact in the executive search and interim management arenas due to our personal and candidate-centric approach.

Diversity is central to what we do and is imperative to a business’s success from not only a cultural perspective but also from a marketing, financial and strategic one, to name but a few. Diversity is no longer just about quotas and rhetoric, it’s about business sense and we not only understand this, but deliver on it.

We have an expert, well versed and resourceful team with over eighty years experience combined, available to complete fresh search assignments immediately thanks to our thorough and agile working processes, well resourced internal research team and structure and inter-team work management structure.

We will always source quality candidates because we embody your brand and company values in our approach and mould our process to coincide with yours creating a solid partnership for success.

We have a strong commitment to providing a positive candidate experience and have minimal restrictions from where we can source our candidates from.

We have a significant track record of conducting searches across multiple industries and functions to great levels of success. We show that you can use a recruiter and actually enjoy the experience as well as achieving your goals.

1. We keep things simple

Recruitment companies have a habit of blinding their customers with jargon and gimmicks. At Audeliss we take a different approach: we handpick the best people in the market and match them with our clients. It’s that simple. Obviously, there’s a bit more to it than that – there’s the process of pre-qualifying candidates and assessing them for assignments, but every recruitment company does that (or says they do), so it’s nothing to write home about… we’re just very, very good at it.

2. We listen

We make it our business to know as much about our customers as possible. We believe that there’s more to a person than just their CV and more to a role than just the job description. The root of most recruitment projects that end in failure can be traced back to a poorly-written brief. We don’t make that mistake. We take time to learn about our customers’ personalities, cultures and values. We listen and we challenge, and we only start a search when we are confident we have a coherent and deliverable brief. It’s easy matching a CV to a job description, but it’s the X-factor we’re looking for. We can only do that by listening to you.

3. We are honest

Honesty is one of the most important values at Audeliss and it defines how we operate, particularly with regards to whether we’re the right advisor or consultant for you. Whether you’re a candidate or a client you have to be able trust your advisor to secure you the best job or to find you the right person. So we work hard to maintain genuine partnerships and a network of loyal and honest relationships. This desire for honesty and transparency also means that if we think we’re not the right company for you, we’ll say so.

4. We love diversity

Diversity is at the centre of all our thinking and we actively encourage applications from diverse candidates. This goes beyond race, gender or sexual orientation. We also discuss social backgrounds, verbal accents and education differences. Celebrating these variances is incredibly important but ultimately, it’s about the best person for the role. We’ve developed networks of diverse candidates to demonstrate they do exist and are capable of undertaking the most senior roles. Talent, not background, is what drives us. We believe that diverse teams make more informed decisions and we’re here to support talented executives and enrich the decision-making processes of our clients.

5. We are small and independent

Size doesn’t matter. At Audeliss, we think that you don’t have to be a big business to be good – we love being small, boutique and niche. It’s the personal and intimate nature of our relationships that allow us to deliver the best for our candidates and clients. We’re not dependent on venture capital or external shareholders so this gives us the freedom to concentrate on our customers, focus on the long game and not be driven simply by profit. And, we don’t do off-the-shelf, for us, every assignment and candidate is unique, and we’re passionate about providing bespoke solutions to your problems or career search.

6. We are a business with heart

We really care about both our candidates and our clients, and work hard to make them feel special. We always respond to emails and phone calls, and treat everyone with the respect they deserve. In the world of executive recruitment, customer service seems to have been forgotten, so we’re here to surprise and delight our network with unrivalled and excellent customer care.

7. We are knowledgeable

Audeliss has several experienced strategic advisors and researchers who help with providing outstanding, creative and relevant shortlists for our clients. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and keen insight to make the right match. Our due diligence and superior research of the market allows us to produce shortlists of appointable candidates quickly, but we work at the pace the client asks us to. We cover many industries and functional areas, but if there’s a skill-set we’re not comfortable searching for then we won’t accept the work.

8. We are connected

Never has ‘it’s all about who you know’ been more relevant than now. In an industry where filling up a database – but not really knowing the people – seems to be the norm, we pride ourselves on building relationships with excellent candidates and being connected with some of the best brands in the market. A lot of recruiters pretend they know someone, but in reality don’t – so candidates sit on their database and clients receive unsuitable CVs. At Audeliss, that doesn’t happen – we seek out talented executives and research their backgrounds and abilities thoroughly. We operate a strict referral and recommendation model, but will accept new candidates if their experience fits our client’s needs.

9. We are humble

At Audeliss, we feel very privileged to have access to your life or business. We genuinely appreciate the opportunity to advise you on your next career move or who we think is best to fill your executive vacancy. This is what we love doing and we’re grateful for the chance to work with you. We hope that the feeling will be mutual, and that you’ll recommend us to your network, and choose work to with us again and again.

10. We have style

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Whether it’s interviewing for a new role or encouraging someone to join the business, we believe it’s about the whole package: a great CV, confident body language, structured answers and dressing the part. Everyone makes judgments about people – sometimes without even realising it – so why give them an opportunity to judge you negatively. Audeliss is here to help you create the right first impression so that you have the sophistication and finesse that’s expected of a senior executive in business.

We aim to provide a collaborative and personalised approach to service by delivering innovative and reliable solutions to recruitment challenges. We set ourselves very high standards of performance; in the timing, cost and quality of our work. As a small business, we realise the importance of offering a commercial solution for your recruitment needs. We are a dynamic, fast moving business, able to work to tight time-frames and flexibility in the price of our recruitment projects.

We have specialist knowledge in a variety of sectors including:

  • Financial Services
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy
  • Telecommunications, Media & Technology
  • Not-For-Profit & Public Sector
  • Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Retail
  • FMCG

We specifically recruit executive roles for the following functions:

  • HR
  • Finance
  • Digital, Marketing & Communications
  • Procurement
  • IT & Technology
  • Legal
  • Transformation & Change

We can genuinely help in many areas.  If we can’t, we would be very honest about it.

Our expertise…

We have four core practice areas:

Executive & Non-Executive Search                                 Diversity & Inclusion Practice   

Interim Management Practice                                           Community & Network Development


Executive & Non-Executive Search

Executive search is the foundation of our organisation. We are dedicated to working in close partnership with you to ensure we understand the complexities of your organisation’s culture and hiring needs. Getting it right at senior level is fundamental to your organisation; we take this very seriously. This combined with Audeliss’ positive candidate experience, means we have genuine relationships with our network which gives us access to the best talent in the market and ensures we provide a personal, tailored fit to your hiring requirements.

We deliver across three search disciplines;

  • Retained Executive Appointments
  • Retained Non-Executive Appointments
  • Talent Market Mapping


Interim Management Practice

There are many reasons why you might need to hire an interim manager but we’re here to help you find the right one quickly.

Audeliss’ interim management practice enables you to recruit expert senior management professionals, immediately and on a flexible contract. As the nature of interim hiring normally means you needed someone yesterday, we make sure we deliver absolute quality over quantity- less is more.  We know fewer quality candidates who have been stringently assessed for their suitability for our assignments will make this process much quicker and simpler for you.

Our skilled consultants have the specific business knowledge needed to understand the complexities of each specific assignment. Exclusive access to our exceptional pool of pre-selected interim managers ensures highly effective appointments across both the private and public sectors

At Audeliss, we are very proud to be able to support our clients with their wider inclusion journey through our Diversity and Inclusion Practice.


Diversity & Inclusion Practice

Our programme of initiatives ranges from diversity and recruitment process audits, mentoring programmes and training modules, such as unconscious bias and inclusive leadership. Everything we do is bespoke and tailored to ensure it fits both the business objectives and culture of the organisation.

  • Diversity and Recruitment Audits: An analysis will be undertaken on both the quantitative and qualitative data in the organisation to provide a review back to the organisation with recommended action points.
  • Cross Company Mentoring Programmes: These can be diverse strand specific and compliment current internal mentoring programmes already in place. Usually the mentoring programme runs for the duration of 12 months and are cross sector to enable mentees to gain new perspectives and viewpoints.
  • Training Modules: These can be adapted according to the audience and can range from general introductory sessions to more bespoke facilitated sessions utilising actor based learning.


Community & Network Development

Utilising the wealth of search experience and knowledge that our team has accumulated over our collective time in the industry, Audeliss can provide guidance on candidate community development and networking.

We also regularly host networking dinners, business breakfasts and produce partner events with corporate institutions like McKinsey and Company for our clients and candidates under Chatham House Rules. At our events we encourage our community to come together and meet one another, deepening their engagement with our organisation and each other; strengthening their networks as well as ours. We actively encourage sharing experiences within the markets we operate.


How we do it…

With a refreshingly straight forward approach, our unique strength lies in the depth of knowledge we source and accumulate with you throughout the recruitment process.

Throughout each project we work on, we work in complete partnership with our clients, maintaining continuous dialogue at all stages to ensure we deliver the precise solution required. We are never complacent about the importance of listening and learning and are always flexible to your specific needs.

We are thorough in our search methodology. To guarantee success we understand the need to concentrate on the fine details at all stages. We meticulously manage all aspects from the initial briefing, through to assessment, due diligence and offer management.  Ultimately, we are brand ambassadors for both our clients and candidates and we will do best to embody and deliver in respect of that, at every opportunity.

And it works. Some of our track record highlights are below;

  • HR Director, Mining
  • Chief Information Officer, Engineering
  • Head of Finance, Financial Services
  • Consumer Panellists, Regulator
  • HR Director, Financial Services
  • HR Director, Government
  • Business Solutions Director, Engineering
  • Financial Controller, Financial Services
  • Board of Trustees, Education
  • Sales & Strategy Director, Defence
  • Chief Financial Officer, FinTech (Uphold)
  • Head of Resourcing, Energy
  • Director of Corporate Services, Regulator
  • Head of Talent, Energy
  • Group HR Director, Construction
  • HR Director, Support Services
  • Group Director of IT, Financial Services
  • Sales Director, Financial Services
  • New Business Director, Engineering
  • Strategy & Business Development Director, Housing
  • Head of Resourcing, Defence
  • Head of People Development, Defence
  • Chief Financial Officer, Medical Devices
  • General Counsel, Medical Devices

With over eighty years of experience collectively, we are proud to have a 100% diverse team ready to assist instantly. Unlike the majority of our industry, instead of having consultant heavy teams chasing mandates and sacrificing client and candidate care, we have a definitive focus on accuracy and quality.

Audeliss team…

Suki Sandhu

Chris Bernard

Sarah Haynes

Louise Gore

Lesley Payne

Annette Kiely

Alex Wyld

Leanne Day

Sarah-Louise Ambler

Suki Sandhu

Founder and CEO

Suki Sandhu has been a game-changer within the executive search and diversity arena for over 12 years. He is one of the UK’s leading specialists in helping businesses source exceptional and diverse talent.

After a long stint at a FTSE 250 recruitment company, where he was their top consultant globally, Suki established Audeliss, a boutique executive search company. Audeliss was founded in 2011, with the principles of diversity, integrity and quality. Suki is proud that 65% of the candidates he sourced, that have been appointed into senior roles, have been diverse. Audeliss builds long-term and strategic partnerships with organisations by recruiting the best senior talent into their businesses.

In 2013, Suki then went on to found OUTstanding, a membership organisation for LBGT+ executives and allies. OUTstanding was founded to support the diversification of the boardroom and to create more visible senior LGBT+ role models to inspire the next generation of leaders. Also, in partnership with The Financial Times, OUTstanding now produces the acclaimed LGBT+ Executive Top100 list, Ally Top30 list and Future Leaders Top30 list each year. The work of OUTstanding has had a major impact on the power of championing your authentic self and the right to be free in the workplace. He was awarded “Innovator of the Year” at the European Diversity Awards in 2013 for establishing OUTstanding and is regularly credited as one of the pioneering business people behind LGBT+ acceptance and diversity in the workplace. Suki was also named 64th in The Independent’s ‘Rainbow List’ of 101 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex [LGBTQI] people who are making Britain better for the community.

Suki is also a Stonewall Ambassador and passionately supports charities through donating a percentage of profits to StandUp Foundation and Smartworks.

“I know this might be a strange thing to say, coming from a Head-hunter, but in all honesty, I tend not to like recruitment consultants very much – the bad attitude, the overpowering sales pitch and the dishonesty.

I want to do things differently and to be liked and respected by those I work with. I love people, I love helping clients find the right candidate, and I love helping candidates find the perfect career. Yes, I could have joined another executive recruitment firm, but I couldn’t find any that consistently represented the values that I want to project into the market. So, I thought it was time I started a business that did. And thus Audeliss was born.

Managing Director Chris Bernard

Chris Bernard

Managing Director

Chris is one of UK’s predominant interim management and executive search professionals. She lends her 20+ years experience in this field to Audeliss’ practice areas as well as managing and strategically directing the organisation.

Chris is a specialist in offering intelligent solutions for her long-term clients in executive search, interim management and consulting services. This loyalty is driven by her ability to constantly produce creative recruitment solutions and candidates who are ready to capitalise on the opportunities she presents. A pragmatic and commercial industry leader, she has also developed strong and loyal relationships through her professional network of board directors, interim managers and C-level executives. This success comes from her approach of taking the time to fully understand her client’s organisation and the specific requirements of the business brief, therefore, putting her candidates forward to the most suitable opportunities; which makes her a perfect fit for Audeliss.

Prior to joining Audeliss, Chris was a senior partner and board director at a City-based boutique executive search and interim management provider. Before this role, she was Managing Director of the Interim Management business of a multinational HR consulting group.  Previously to this, she was with a leading International Business School, where she ran their operations for tailored executive programmes.

“This has been a very unique and exciting opportunity for me to join and lead an organisation with diversity and inclusion a core part of its DNA.

Audeliss truly have a strong unique selling point in our offering within what can sometimes look like a fairly homogenous recruitment landscape. I look forward to working closely with our clients and candidates in supporting them in the provision of quality diverse and inclusive senior talent solutions through our executive search, interim management and board practice offerings.”

Audeliss truly have a strong USP in our offering within what can sometimes look like a fairly homogenous recruitment landscape. I look forward to working closely with our clients and candidates in supporting them in the provision of quality diverse and inclusive senior talent solutions through our executive search, interim management and board practice offerings.”

Senior Researcher Executive Search Interim Sarah Haynes

Sarah Haynes

Senior Researcher

Sarah spent her late teens and early twenties in various remote countries, teaching scuba diving. After moving to London in 2007, she discovered executive search.

Over the last nine years, she has worked extensively within the research function in various boutiques with a strong focus on HR and tax and finance mandates within commerce, financial institutions and professional services.

She has built up a deep understanding of the nuances of the industry and enjoys particularly challenging searches, going that extra mile to find perfect quality matches for the roles she works on.

Sarah loves the role executive search affords her; making a difference to peoples’ lives which has never been more evident since she joined Audeliss.

“'It was a bit of a light bulb moment when I met the Audeliss team. I was bowled over by their commitment for changing the status quo. It is the first time I have been able to combine my career with my own beliefs and passions and that's incredibly motivating.”

Senior Research Executive Search Interim Louise Gore

Louise Gore

Senior Researcher

An LSE graduate with a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, Louise worked in the City before starting her career in Search, focussing primarily on global financial markets.

Louise Co-Founded Sequoia Consulting, a City Search boutique, developing a strong reputation in Derivatives and Structured Products working with large investment banks as well as more niche players.

She’s honed her search and entrepreneurial skills over a number of years and is now a Senior Researcher at Audeliss.

Her network is extensive, as is her zeal to source, match and place the most talented candidates.

Approachable, versatile and creative with a natural curiosity about individuals, Louise regards research as her ideal job role.

“Audeliss is unique and I’m proud to be involved in the growth and development of this “brightly coloured gem”.

Some years ago whilst at LSE I worked on a research project looking at the nature of “success” using a sample of former LSE students. The most “successful” were those women who’d gone on to set up their own business thus breaking the “glass ceiling”. But there is even more glass to shatter to combat the diversity deficit and that's what makes Audeliss' work so exciting.”

Audeliss Diverse Executive Search Team Expands

Lesley Payne

Senior Researcher

Lesley has a strong background in recruitment, with nearly 20 years’ experience across risk, threat, company secretarial, legal and governance.

Lesley has recruited globally for companies including Novartis, Pfizer, Nestle and Philip Morris. Within the UK she has recruited for executive roles for companies such as Bank of America, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Esure and  Interserve and local authorities including the City of London.

“Audeliss are unique in the search and interim markets; the opportunity to help drive diversity and inclusion at the top of the business world felt like an ideal fit for me. I am thrilled to be part of such a progressive and pivotal initiative.”

Client Development Manager Annette Kiely

Annette Kiely

Client Development Manager

Annette joined Audeliss with a proven track record in creating, executing and delivering successful strategies around client and business development in domestic and international markets. She has a strong reputation for building a rapport and developing mutually beneficial relationships with clients and executives alike.

Annette spent the last two years working for a City-based boutique executive search and interim management provider, where her business development efforts helped secure both new clients and increase revenue. Prior to this, she spent seven years with a well known interim management organisation in a business development role, where she played a fundamental part in identifying and delivering new business sales.

Previous to this Annette spent 17 years with an FTSE250 company, as Director of Sales for one of the group companies. She worked at a senior level, developing business across an international customer base of central banks, government organisations, financial services, manufacturing and major brand owners.

“I am very excited to be joining the vibrant team at Audeliss. This is the first organisation that I have been involved with that truly and uniquely supports diversity and inclusion in senior talent provision. Promoting the values that a person should be judged by their expertise and ability in a role rather than race, gender, sexual orientation, social background, or education is something I firmly believe in and will work hard to promote.”

Researcher Alex Wyld

Alex Wyld

Senior Researcher

Alex started her career in executive search several years ago, at a small boutique firm focused on retail and luxury brands. This was a busy and varied role which, from the very beginning, gave her the opportunity to be hands-on in all aspects of the recruitment process but found research to be her forte.

After a few years, she then moved in-house to work for a healthcare regulator, where she worked on a high volume of assignments across all areas of the organisation. Whilst there, Alex honed her skills in candidate selection and screening. This lead to her working on the setup of their interim turnaround panel; developing a pool of senior interim individuals to send into trusts that were going into special measures.

She joined Audeliss in mid 2015 to focus on senior executive appointments. She works across the main corporate functions, with particular emphasis on finance and legal roles.

“Audeliss just feels different to other search firms I’ve encountered and the second I met the team, I knew I’d made the right choice working here. I have always enjoyed the intricacy of executive search and working at Audeliss is a great way to further hone the skills I am so keen to develop whilst actually making a difference.”

Team Administrator Leanne Day

Leanne Day

Business Support Coordinator

Leanne is an incredibly highly skilled administrator, with over 13 years experience.

Her fast learning ability,  conscientiousness and excellent attitude towards her work and with her colleagues, saw her quickly escalate through every company she has ever worked at.

Leanne specialises in business support to large and complex teams of multidisciplinary recruitment consultants. She has a strong, can-do attitude, knows how to prioritise work in an efficient and professional manner; a combination that made her a sure-fire win for Audeliss.

“I enjoy my work, I enjoy people and I enjoy making things better for people in whatever capacity is possible at that moment in time. This is why Audeliss was the obvious next choice for me when i decided it was time to move on to my next role.

I look forward to getting my teeth stuck into the operations and processes and seeing what brilliant things we can achieve, together. ”

Executive Assistant Sarah-Louise Ambler

Sarah-Louise Ambler

Executive Assistant to Suki Sandhu

In her role as Executive Assistant, Sarah-Louise provides vital support for Founder and CEO Suki Sandhu and the whole team at Audeliss.

After graduating from Southampton Solent University with a degree in Psychology, Sarah worked in administration in the executive search and recruitment industries before spending two years at Audeliss. Sarah recently relocated to Sydney, Australia where she travelled and worked for almost a year before moving back to London and returning to Audeliss.


At Audeliss we’re passionate about relationships, networks and building communities. And it’s not just about business – we want to extend this value out to the world beyond us by investing in the lives of other people. So we promise to donate 5% of our profits to the following charities:


The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation is the world’s first foundation dedicated to raising awareness of the long-term, damaging effects of bullying, and funding those doing real-world work to stop it.  We stand up against bullying regardless of to whom it happens and include promoting tolerance and diversity in sports as central to our mission.


Find out more and give to StandUp Foundation


Smart Works

Smart Works help women on low incomes get back to work by dressing them in a complete outfit of smart clothes to wear to their interview and by giving them one-to-one interview training. A professional outfit followed by careful interview preparation transforms our clients’ self-confidence and gives them a far greater chance of succeeding. One in two of the women we help gets the job. Most of  the Smart Works clients have been out of work for more than a year, and 45% are single parents. Many women come to them from refuges and homeless shelters, and some are ex-offenders and former drug users.

Find our more and give to Smart Works


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